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Fish and Chip Babies

“Fish and Chip” Babies are so called because they are sent home wrapped in newspaper being too poor to afford clothing.

We are collecting jumpers and hats and mittens knitted from the patterns below to send out for this brilliant cause. Dark bright colours are best as water for washing is scarce.

If you can make some they can be left at any of our churches in Wicken, Cosgrove, Potterspury or Yardley Gobion for collection.They may be sent to any crisis area in the world.

Other ways to help –

Old Blankets are now needed to cut down for baby blankets. Knitted blankets are also most welcome.

We can make brightly coloured pillowcases into girls’ dresses – please bring them to the churches for us. They go with a special logo on them which local people believe is a lucky symbol – girls who wear these dresses will not be harmed.

Clean old T-shirts – cut off the arms and make a channel, thread through ribbon and then sew up the bottom and bring them to us to be used as carriers for children’s books.

Baby Mittens – double knit 4mm (Size 8) needles. Please tie in pairs!

Cast on 28 sts and work in K1, p1 until work measures 1 inch (3 cm)
Work in Stocking stitch for 14 rows.
Next row: (k2tog, k11) twice, k2tog – 25 sts – Next row: purl

Next row: k2tog, k10, k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog – 22 sts – Next row: purl

Next row: (k2tog, k8) twice, k2tog – 19 sts – Next row: purl
Cast off and cut yarn, leaving a long length of yarn for sewing side seam.

Baby Jumpers – Knitted all in one. 50g DK wool 4mm (Size 8) needles.

Cast on 44 stitches and work 18 rows in k2 p2 rib.

Work 30 rows in stocking stitch (1 row plain, 1 row purl).
Cast on 12 stitches at start of next 2 rows and change to k2 p2 rib for sleeves (68 sts).
Rib 22 more rows.
Next row – rib 21, cast OFF 26 stitches, rib 21 (cast off very loosely)
Next row – rib 21, cast ON 26 stitches, rib 21 (cast on very loosely)
Work 22 rows in k2 p2 rib. Cast off 12 stitches at start of next 2 rows
Work 30 rows stocking stitch.
Work 18 rows in k2 p2 rib
Cast off – sew side and sleeve seams.

Baby Beanie Hat 20g DK wool on 4mm (Size 8) needles

Cast on 64 stitches and work 14 rows in k1 p1 rib

Work 18 rows stocking stitch or until work measures 11 cm from cast on edge
Crown : Row 1: *k6 k2tog. Repeat from * to end of row (56 stitches)
Row 2 and every alternate row : knit
Row 3 *k5 k2tog. Repeat from * to end of row (48 stitches)
Row 5 *k4 k2tog. Repeat from * to end of row (40 stitches)
Continue decreasing like this until *k1 k2tog has been done (16 stitches)
Knit one row. Break wool and thread through stitches. Pull up and join seam.

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